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Rebar Support Chairs

150mm Support Chairs

200mm Support Chairs


Rust Prevention

Our products are designed to prevent concrete cancer in concrete sleeper applications by specifically positioning rebar away from direct contact to air and moisture.

Multiple Sizes

We have products to suit 150mm & 200mm Width Concrete Sleeper Moulds of any length.  Products support both n10 & n12 reinforcing bar

Dual Purpose

Our Rebar Support chairs are spun upside-down to offer rebar support where spans are greater than 2 meters. This ensures positioning remains intact


Minimal Footprint

Minimal footprint to the face of  the concrete sleeper ensures the surface appearance remains as intended.


Rebar Support chairs ensure that reinforced bars achieve the correct concrete coverage

Endorsed & Certified

Certified by Engineer
Andrew Wilkins (RPEQ 7821)

How to use
Rebar Support Chairs

Our video demonstrates how Rebar Support Chairs are used in its correct specifications to eliminate the common causes of concrete cancer for concrete sleeper applications.

We also have changed the color of the chairs to a concrete neutral colour as shown in our product photos.

Certified & Endorsed

In Queensland, professional structural engineers engaged in a professional engineering service must be registered under the Professional Engineers Act 2002 (QLD). With the strictest regulations, receiving an endorsement from any structural engineer shows their competence within this area.

RebarSupport chairs have been endorsed by structural engineer Andrew Wilkins (RPEQ7821)


product Patent

A patent is a right that is granted for any device, substance, method or process that is new, inventive, and useful. It is legally enforceable and gives the owner exclusive rights to commercially exploit the invention for the life of the patent.

Obtaining a patent is a complex and time-consuming process which needs to be examined by professionals within the industry.

Our products have been patented with IP Australia  (No. 2011201589) until 2031

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Rebar Support Chairs Prevent Concrete Cancer
Concrete cancer occurs within concrete when the internal steel reinforcing rusts from being exposed to air moisture.

When Rebar rusts – it expands, causing the concrete around the Rebar to be displaced, significantly compromising the strength and appearance of the concrete product.

Once concrete cancer starts the problem compounds as more of the steel is exposed to the elements (Moisture & Air) causing cosmetic and structural concerns.

Rebar Support chairs eliminate this problem by positioning Rebar inside concrete sleepers to a perfect position where the Rebar cannot be exposed to air moisture.

Do you offer samples
Yes, simply request a quote & check the box to request a sample
What Quantities can I purchase?
We sell our products in ‘boxes’, each pallet contains 4800 units.
How much are the shipping costs
Each customer is quoted shipping costs based on quantity and destination
What concrete sleeper mould sized are suitable
Our products suit both 150mm & 200mm concrete sleeper moulds of any length
What size reinforcing bar is suitable
Our products suit both n10 & n12 reinforcing bars
What countries do you supply
We presently sell our products throughout Australia & New Zealand
Is there a product guarantee
Yes, all of our products come with a product guarantee

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