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Concrete Cancer Prevention

Concrete Cancer

Our Patented Concrete Cancer Prevention products prevent  concrete cancer in concrete sleeper applications

key product Benefits



Our products ensure the correct positioning of reinforcing material within the concrete to ensure Australian standards are met

Quality Final Product

A better quality final product is made with our rebar support chairs resulting in less waste & more production

Quicker Production

Fixing the position of reinforced material reduces the production time making the manufacturing process more efficient.

Trusted by leading businesses

Since patenting in 2011 our Concrete Cancer Prevention products have helped manufacturers all over Australia and New Zealand provide a better & more consistent product adhering to Australian Standards.

Our Latest products

All our products ensure industry standards are met & come with a product guarantee

Flexible Design

Our products adapt to

  • Any Length Concrete Moulds
  • 200mm & 150mm Width Concrete Sleeper Moulds
  • N10 & N12 size Reinforced Bar (Rebar)
  • Textured & Plain Concrete Sleeper Moulds

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